As a convenience to you, your farm share will automatically renew into the next season and will take place on 6/28/2019, 8am . Your card on file will be charged the 25% down payment at this time.

All auto renewed shares will default to the payment plan option. As a reminder, the payment plan option entails 25% down when your membership autorenews, 25% down on your first delivery and your remaining payments split over the course of your remaining deliveries.

Here are the next season’s details for you to review:

  • Mid-Summer Share season will start on July 2nd

  • This will be a 9 week season 

  • Your location, day and time will all remain the same. 

  • Your second 25% payment will be on July 2nd on your first delivery, with the remaining 50% of your balance divided up amongst the remaining weeks of the CSA.

Don’t want to participate this season? Need to change payment schedule?
To opt out of auto renew 

  1. Log into your Harvie account here, click “My Profile” and then “Edit Profile”.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a checkbox to allow auto-renew, 

  3. If you are having trouble completing this yourself you can email us at

To change your payment plan option 

  1. Log into your Harvie account here, click “My Profile” and then “Edit Profile”.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will the payment options and can change them there. *

*All auto renews will default to the payment plan option. If you’d prefer to pay in full after auto renew has occurred, just email and we can assist you. 

After Auto Renew
If you do not opt out prior the the auto renew date of 6/28/2019 8am,  you will receive a confirmation email that this has been completed. You will also receive a “Welcome Back” email series that will provide you with reminders about how to use your Harvie account. 

What if I need to change my location, pick up day, or share size? 
No problem, let us know and we can make the change for you! 

 What if I don’t want the next season but want to participate in the future?
Just login and uncheck the auto renew box. When you are ready to join us again, just sign up as you normally would. You’ll still have an account with us!

Why is Daybreak Growers Alliance doing auto renew vs. traditional CSA sign up methods? 
Auto renew is done as a courtesy to you. Simply “set it and forget it” and continue to get farm-fresh produce from us season-to-season without missing a delivery. You no longer have to remember to sign up every season. We take the worry out of it. This also ensures your spot gets saved before sign up opens to the general public! 

What if I already signed up for the next season?
If you already signed up for the next season you will not be auto renewed again and can disregard this message!

Questions or concerns? Just reply back to this email or reach out to and we’ll be happy to answer your questions! 

Thank you!
Daybreak Growers Alliance