The farmers and producers of Daybreak Growers Alliance believe in the idea that we are ALL stronger and more vibrant when we work together.

Farmers, consumers, families, animals, water, soil, everything.


Better for all.

In an ever changing agricultural landscape and consumer marketplace, it is becoming continually more apparent that small farmers need to work together to build collaborative economic paths forward for a durable, viable future.

Rather than compete with each other and flood the market with overwhelming options for consumers, the farmers and producers of Daybreak Growers Alliance provide customers with a simple, flexible share program through which they can access the best of what Maine agriculture has to offer.  Meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs, flowers, and bread -- you decide!

We are working to build a sustainable, resilient, and thriving future for small farmers and producers in Maine, while making access to local, top quality food easy and flexible for our customers.

We are a multi-farm share program.

We work together on the principle of collaboration versus competition.

Each farm in the Alliance brings its strengths to the fore, while complimenting the other farms in the group.  The result is that our customers enjoy a wide range of high-quality products in one convenient, flexible package.

Money well spent.

Our customers have confidence knowing that the food on their table is as good as it gets.  Fresh, nutritious, and grown in Maine.

They have the added confidence of knowing that by supporting Daybreak Growers Alliance, their food dollars are staying in Maine’s economy, and directly supporting a robust and sustainable future for small farmers and producers in their communities.

Daybreak Growers Alliance provides our farms with a potential for growth and opportunity that would not be possible if we remained in competition with each other. 

By choosing Daybreak Growers Alliance, you are supporting a big step in helping Maine farms thrive, while also getting more Maine-grown food on Maine's tables without sacrificing quality and freshness.

Your support helps us bring real, sustainable change to Maine’s agricultural future! 

Thank you!  And enjoy!