Wholesale Operations Manager

The Wholesale Operations Manager is responsible for the aggregation, storage and delivery of DGA products, including CSA and wholesale products. The position requires a highly motivated, self starter with an entrepreneurial spirit and keen attention to detail and customer service. The individual should have a “get-it-done” attitude, superior interpersonal skills and agricultural and/or distribution experience. It is estimated that 50% of this position will be transporting farm products in Maine and Northern New England.

Reports to:
the Owners of DGA, LLC
Wholesale Operations Supervisor


  • Develop SOPs and distribution strategy in collaboration with the wholesale operations supervisor.

  • Serve as point person for farmer and customer wholesale inquiries

  • Oversee aggregation and storage of product from partner farms. Effectively and efficiently manage inventory and all operational logistics.

  • Identify and plan weekly distribution routes.

  • Manage distribution (trucking) of products throughout assigned delivery routes.

  • Collaborate with producers to ensure compliance with SOPs, including adherence to the highest quality standards, product handling, packaging, labeling, palletizing and paper documentation

  • Implement and monitor product tracking and food safety guidelines and enforcement policies.

  • Track, document and report established monthly metrics to LLC owners.

  • Responsible for collecting and filing all required paperwork documentation from farm partners.

  • Support innovation and advancement in operational logistics.

  • Manage approved purchases of supplies related to aggregation and transport of product.

Sales Support:

  • Interact with current and prospective customers to secure and increase sales.

  • Act as the face of DGA on the road, requiring immaculate attention to on and off road safety and superior customer service.

  • Collaborate with the marketing manager to develop marketing and outreach procedures and act as a core team member of DGA sales outreach and marketing.


  • Immaculate driving record.

  • Minimum of two years of applicable experience, ideally in distribution and/or agricultural activities.

  • Demonstrated ability to organize and manage multiple projects

  • Adaptability to changing situations and have the ability to perform multiple tasks with multiple priorities

  • Proficient in the use of Windows based computer programs (Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and a general aptitude with software systems

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including ability to train and work with operational personnel on the farm

  • Superior organizational and project management skills and experience.

  • Evidence of participation in sales and marketing outreach and communication, and a willingness to serve as the face of DGA on the road.

  • A deep commitment to the growth of Maine’s farms and local food community and economy.


  • This is a 36 hour/week position, with potential for growth

  • $16/ hr, with potential for growth

  • Discounts on DGA products

  • Any personal vehicle use on behalf of the Daybreak Growers’ Alliance to be reimbursed at .58c/mi, as per federal suggested rate.

Please submit all of the following items to DGA by April 5th, 2019.

  • Cover letter

  • Resume

  • 3 references (at least 2 professional references)

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Email the above documents as attachments to Adrienne at daybreakgrowers@gmail.com. In the subject field, please write your last name, first initial and “Wholesale Operations Manager Application”.

Our aim to is fill this position by May 1st, 2019. We will respond to all applicants that submit complete applications and notify you if we would like to schedule an interview with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marketing & Communications  Manager

The scope of this position is to develop and execute a successful marketing and communications plan for Daybreak Growers Alliance (DGA). This includes but is not limited to growing a thriving Multi-Farm CSA, a recognized Daybreak brand, and interest and desire among CSA customers and wholesale buyers to purchase DGA products. The position works to recruit and retain a customer base that feels supported and connected to DGA and its farmers partners.

The position will include:

CSA Membership Recruitment & Retention: This position is responsible for customer outreach to achieve share number goals, including:

  • Working with DGA Owners to develop marketing and promotion strategy

  • Matching marketing efforts to income and customer goals

  • Outreach to larger employers for selling of shares

  • Management of Social Media Platforms

    • Multiple postings a week

    • Seasonal Facebook Ads

  • Development and distribution of promotional flyers for CSA shares

    • Either create flyers or coordinate the production with designer/printer

    • Seasonal promotion handouts to go in share boxes

  • Stay abreast of community events and opportunities to share information about Daybreak

  • Collaborate with Membership Manager to find the most effective ways for communicating with current customer base

  • Develop content for social media updates and build following and traction through stakeholder engagement?

  • Manage Squarespace website for best SEO and customer engagement

Daybreak Brand Promotion: This position will execute a plan to elevate DGA’s brand in the wholesale marketplace.

  • Responsibility for the development or contracting the creation of branding material (labels, stickers etc) for use on DGA co-packed product line

  • Creation of sales sheet of branded products to be distributed to potential buyers

  • Creation of marketing materials that list DGA farms and product offerings  to share with potential retail wholesale buyers (chefs, retailers, etc.) that are on DGA delivery routes

Required Qualifications:

  1. A least 1 yr experience working in Maine local food industry

  2. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Excel and Word)  as well as Google Docs

  3. Knowledge of social media platforms (i.e. Instagram and Facebook)

  4. Proficient in use of design software (i.e. In-Design, Photoshop, Canva)

  5. Experience using online software platforms (i.e. Mailchimp, Squarespace, Wordpress)

  6. Experience with a variety of communication modes (in person, phone and email)

  7. Excellent writing skills and ability to write compelling marketing content

  8. Sales and marketing experience

The Successful Candidate will:

  1. Be a highly motivated self-initiator, able to work independently and in groups;

  2. Exercise good judgement, demonstrate initiative and active engagement in work;

  3. Demonstrate excellent reliability and punctuality;

  4. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and organize details;

  5. Possess excellent oral and written communication skills;

Special Requirements:

  1. Must be able to provide own transportation to and from work at variety of locations. This is a mainly work from home position with periodic travel to Daybreak’s headquarters in Knox and occasional travel for meeting/connecting with Daybreak customers.      (Mileage provided for approved travel. Occasionally commuting to HQ not included.)

  2. Have own computer and smartphone.
    (A stipend will be provided to cover the costs of additional data usage.)

Hours and Compensation: This is a part-time position, 4 to 6 hours per week. Starting pay negotiable, dependent on skills and experience.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted beginning March 1st 2019 until position is filled. Applicant must be able to appear for an in person interview in Knox. Please send completed application to Adrienne at Daybreak Growers Alliance with the following items:

  1. A cover letter addressing each of the required qualifications

  2. A resume that must include the names of previous employers, duration worked, previous job titles, and primary responsibilities

  3. Two work-related references with job title and contact information

  4. One personal reference and contact information

  5. 3 samples of past promotion/communication material:

    1. 1 Social Media Post, 1 Poster or Flyer, 1 newsletter or blog post)

  6. Desired hourly rate of pay.

Our aim to is fill this position by April 1st, 2019. We will respond to all applicants that submit complete applications and notify you if we would like to schedule an interview with you.

Please submit your application via email to Adrienne at daybreakgrowers@gmail.com with PDF attachments, where applicable. In the subject of the email, please write “___[Enter Last Name]___, __[First Initial}____: DGA Marketing Position”. Provided you submit a complete application, we will respond to confirm receipt. Thanks for applying!