For current customers

useful links and FAQ

Hey folks! Here are some handy links and answers to basic questions.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need anything!

When is the deadline to make changes to my account?

11pm on Wednesday (for Tuesday deliveries) or Thursday (for Wednesday deliveries). Please contact us if you need to make a change but can’t log in to your account in time.

How do I put my shares on hold?

Log in to your account, click on the tab that says Delivery Hold, and select the dates that you do not want delivery. You will not be charged for those shares.

When can I order from the farm store?

You can access the store any time to order. If you place an order by the weekly order deadline, your store items will be delivered with your next share delivery.

When do shares end?

We deliver shares year round, except April. We deliver weekly May- October, and bi-weekly November - March.

Can I get a refund?

If you didn’t receive an item you ordered or were unsatisfied with the quality of your shares, we will happily credit your account. If you missed your share pick up and didn’t put your shares on hold, we can’t refund you.

Help! My share wasn’t at my pick up location.

Oh no! Please contact us. We will figure out what happened and make it right!

Help! I won’t be able to make it to pick up my shares within the pick-up time!

Let us know before the end of the pick-up window, and we might be able to help you out - call us at 207-808-2189.

How do I cancel my shares?

Please send us an email with Share Cancellation in the subject.