The Milkhouse


The Milkhouse Farm and Creamery is located on the rich farmland of Western Kennebec County. Organic practices ensure sound stewardship of our animals, land & community. Made from the ground on up, our milk, yogurt, eggs and meats are carefully crafted here on the farm to bring simple, nourishing & delicious food to your table.

Milkhouse yogurt is made simply with good organic whole milk and probiotic cultures. Our flavored yogurts are made with Maine maple syrup and Maine wild blueberries. It is truly a product representative of the Maine 'milkshed': our cows are raised and sustained by the land of our farm where they produce an abundance of beautiful, rich milk. And we magic that milk into yogurt, which is both an incredibly simple and complex conclusion to a process that begins with sunlight, soil, water, grass and a cow.